Our NHS won’t stand another Tory Government

I first joined the NHS in 1989 to make services better, fairer and to reduce health inequality. It’s why I have chosen to spend most of my working life in the NHS. I was proud to be part of the team that brought us the South Bristol hospital as well as other improvements. To do this we co-operated across Bristol and beyond to plan services according to need. But now services are put out to tender.

We are at a crossroads with our NHS. Labour has set out our plan based on collaboration not competition, prevention of ill health and joining up health and social care. We know demand is increasing – we need a plan to manage this based on patient need, not leave it to the market.

This is the most important election since 1945 for our NHS.

So what would a Labour government do?

♥  Scrap the 2012 Health Act – Put patients needs over private profit

♥  Restore accountability to the Secretary of State – So everyone knows who is in charge of the NHS

♥  An NHS with Time to Care – A truly integrated service for physical andmental health and care for the elderly

♥  A GP appointment within 48 hours, guaranteed – And the right to book an appointment more than 48 hours ahead with the GP of your choice.

♥  Tackle the obesity crisis – Force multinationals to reduce sugar & salt in their food