Apprenticeships key to boosting south Bristol’s economy

Karin Smyth MPAs the latest unemployment figures show more than 1,400 people in Bristol South claiming unemployment benefit, newly elected MP Karin Smyth has reaffirmed her pledge to high quality apprenticeships for 16-19 year-olds living locally.

Unemployment figures released on 13 May show that in April 2015, there were 1,405 people living in Bristol South out of work and claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance.

“The next five years of Tory government are going to present enormous challenges to residents across the south of our city,” said Karin Smyth.

“Far from building an economy that works for everyone, the Tory philosophy means help for those at the top, while most people are left to sink or swim.

“I am determined to work to help local young people get the best possible start to their adult life, and to improve opportunities for 16-19 year olds. At the heart of this is the need for high-skills apprenticeships for local people,” she said.

There was bad news for jobs in south Bristol this week when Tesco announced the closure in June of its Imperial Park ‘Home Plus’ store.

“We need a local economy that works for us all, with proper jobs and decent pay. It’s equally important that we do what we can to create openings for those who have been in work but find themselves needing to re-train, and acquire new skills to help them into different types of work.

“I look forward to meeting and supporting local businesses, educationalists, Local Enterprise Partnership representatives and others to help make these important opportunities a reality,” added Karin Smyth