Stop the Tories cutting Tax Credits

Stop The Tax Credit cutOne of the last Labour government’s most successful measures was the introduction of Tax Credits, aimed at helping people who work but have low income.

But now the Tory government plans major changes to Tax Credits, making huge cuts that will leave working families on average £1,300 a year worse off.

The changes will affect three million working families. In Bristol South alone, around 4,800 families will be affected.

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Instead of helping working people, the Tories are pushing through changes which will hit working families in the wallet.

Tax Credits are designed to ensure work pays. So it follows that cutting them undermines the value of work, and penalises those who work hard day-in, day-out to make ends meet.

There is, of course, a real risk that children will suffer directly as a result of these changes.

Labour has launched a campaign to stop the tax credit cut.

Please sign our petition which calls on David Cameron to halt his Tax Credit cuts using this link