MP articulates Bristol residents’ energy supply fears

Commons 5 Nov 2015As fears grow about the ability of the National Grid to cope with seasonal demand, MP Karin Smyth has called on the government to explain its plans to secure electricity supplies for Bristol residents through the winter months.

“My constituents are extremely worried about the National Grid’s ability to keep electricity supply going through the winter,” the Labour MP told the Commons.

She called on Ministers to “bring forward a statement on what the government is doing to assure electricity supply.”

Leader of the House of Commons Chris Grayling MP failed to guarantee that a government statement would follow, though he acknowledged Karin Smyth’s concerns as “clearly an important issue.”

On Wednesday 4 November the National Grid called for more energy and used emergency powers that are designed to help the network cope in times of extreme demand.

“With the weather currently very mild, it’s worrying that energy alarm bells are ringing already, especially when they are being sounded by the body responsible for national energy supplies,” Karin Smyth added.