EU referendum result: focus on Bristol South priorities

PACGPs Jan 2016Following the result of the EU referendum, Bristol South Labour MP Karin Smyth said:

“Bristol residents reflected on our city’s growing economy and clearly decided their families’ prosperity would be better helped by the UK remaining in the EU. However, people across the country made a different choice which is disappointing, but which must be respected.

“As people on both sides of the argument come to terms with what has happened, there will be no shortage of analysis of this vote’s implications for the UK, but my focus is on our city, and Bristol South in particular.

“David Cameron has chosen to step down, but the idea that a more right-wing Conservative government is going to invest in Bristol’s many areas of deprivation is pure fantasy.

“So I will now redouble my efforts to ensure people in south Bristol remain well represented, day-in, day-out, as we look to pick up the pieces of this decision and move forward.

“My overriding priorities remain unchanged and in fact look set to become even more pressing. Alongside the need to secure good quality healthcare and housing for local people, I will continue working to make sure there are appropriate work and apprenticeship opportunities, particularly for younger people. It is notable that younger generations tended to back the ‘remain’ campaign, and it is their futures that will be most profoundly affected by the referendum decision.

“There’s no doubt the referendum campaign, and its outcome, offered up yet more lessons about the way politicians and those we serve communicate with each other, highlighting the need to strengthen genuine and honest communication with all our communities. It’s up to politicians on all sides to learn and act on them.”