Headley Park Primary School pupils quiz MP

img_048710 and 11 year old students at Headley Park Primary School quizzed their local Member of Parliament during a special Question and Answer session at the school on Friday 6 January.

Karin Smyth MP makes regular visits to schools in her Bristol South constituency and met pupils at the 410-pupil school which was judged to be ‘outstanding’ when Ofsted last inspected in 2013.

She held a Q and A session with the school’s 60 Year 6 pupils, who were free to ask questions on any issues of interest.

Karin Smyth MP said: “I find on my regular visits to local schools that children have views about a range of issues affecting their own lives and those of their families, and I think politicians need to take time to listen. It is interesting and informative to learn from the children what matters to them and what they feel their elected representatives should be focusing on.

“The sooner young people become aware of democratic processes and the ways they can influence the world around them the better, and it was clear that Headley Park Primary pupils have a good grasp of many important issues.

“They took their opportunity to ask some probing, challenging questions, ranging from Syrian refugees to the lack of women MPs in Parliament; from Brexit to the impact of school budget cuts on their education.

“Headley Park Primary School was judged to be ‘outstanding’ when Ofsted last inspected in 2013 and the children there gave me their views clearly and confidently, and with great enthusiasm. It was an absolute pleasure to spend time listening to them and sharing my thoughts.”