Karin Smyth MP’s response to Boris Johnson’s appointment as Prime Minister

The selection by fewer than 95,000 thousand Conservatives of Boris Johnson as leader and, by default, our new Prime Minister, is deeply concerning and will have huge ramifications for us all.

At a time when our country desperately needs bringing together, we are left with an extremely divisive Prime Minister, who has repeatedly insulted women, BAME groups and the LGBTQ+ community and has strained diplomatic relations. Where Johnson’s predecessor Theresa May failed to unite the country, it seems that her successor is proactively trying to broaden divisions.

The new Prime Minister’s approach to Brexit is equally concerning. His leave campaign was based on scaremongering and lies, including a false promise of extra NHS funding. He says he will leave the European Union by October 31 ‘whatever the circumstances’. This could be disastrous for Bristol South and the country as a whole and, as I’ve said many times before, I cannot support any course of action that leaves my constituents worse off.

The Labour Party is committed to creating a fairer society. We’ve felt the impact of the past nine years of Tory government cuts here in Bristol South – reduced services in education, healthcare and an ongoing housing crisis. The majority of people are worse off – working harder for less. The new Prime Minister has promised tax cuts for those individuals earning ovre £50,000pa – which will mean even less money to spend on vital services for lower income families.

It’s an anxious time for everybody and I will continue to work with my Labour colleagues to hold the government to account and be ready for a General Election.