“It is vitally important that we follow lockdown rules to stop the spread of this virus” – Karin Smyth MP

“It is vitally important that we follow lockdown rules to stop the spread of this virus” – Karin Smyth MP

Local MP, Karin Smyth, is encouraging all constituents to follow the rules laid down by the Government this week in order to protect those vulnerable to this virus and to support the work of NHS staff. This comes after the UK Government finally acted upon the SAGE documents published before Christmas.

The Government has now implemented a national lockdown in England, and everyone must now stay at home to try to slow the spread of the virus; that means, working from home where possible and only go out for essential reasons: to shop for basic necessities, to exercise, to seek or provide medical assistance, and to attend education for those eligible. Most children and university students will now learn remotely until February half term.

For greater detail on the rules and exceptions, check the UK Government website at: gov.uk/guidance/national-lockdown-stay-at-home.

Karin Smyth MP said:

“2020 was an incredibly difficult year for many and this was not the start we wanted to the New Year, but the third lockdown announced this week is vital to prevent the NHS from being overwhelmed and to protect those most at risk from this virus. It’s important that we all act quickly on Government advice as we need to make up for time lost through dither and delay.

“The vaccine is being rolled out, but until sufficient numbers have been vaccinated, we need to continue to pull together and protect our family and friends, and all those we come into contact with. I know it’s difficult, that we all miss seeing those we love, and that we are weary of the frequently changing rules, but there is light at the end of the tunnel, and we must not stop now.”

Support for constituents can be found on the Bristol Council website at https://www.bristol.gov.uk/coronavirus/what-you-need-to-know and from the local Citizens Advice Bureau at bristolcab.org.uk or on the phone at 0808 278 7957.

In accordance with the lockdown rules and public health guidance, Karin’s office is working remotely but are still available for constituents to contact via email at Karin.smyth.mp@parliament.uk or on the phone at 0117 953 3575.