Karin Smyth MP condemns the Government for neglecting the social care crisis in the Queen’s Speech

Karin Smyth, MP for Bristol South, condemns the Government’s failure to deliver on their promises to tackle the social care crisis or even set out a plan, which is neglecting millions of people currently receiving inadequate care and leaving families subjected to years of financial, physical and mental stress.

658 days ago, Boris Johnson said he had a “clear plan” for fixing the social care system, and promised to bring forward plans for reform.  There were expectations that these plans would be introduced in the Queen’s Speech on Tuesday, yet the Government failed to include any mention of social care reform.

Families across the country are reliant on adult social care, from dementia care, long-term illnesses to Special Education Needs.  Government failure to cap social care costs and increase the number of spaces available in social care facilities is making care more difficult to access, leaving families dealing with growing pressure, anxieties and stress.


Karin Smyth, MP for Bristol South, said:

“Social care has been a fragmented sector propped up by underpaid and undervalued staff for too long. The pandemic has brutally exposed the fundamental flaws in a system which so many people depend on, resulting in unbearable stress being put on families.

“The last year has only increased the urgent need to reform the system, yet the Government continue to fail to deliver on their promises.  The longer we wait, the longer people will receive inadequate care, and hospitals will be unable to discharge people due to the shortage of social care places. As someone who previously worked in the NHS I can tell you that without joined up thinking between health and social care we will never sort out the issues facing our NHS.

“It’s so important that we see plans for reform so we can develop a sustainable social care system which can properly support the growing number of people who rely on it to live a happy and healthy life. It’s time for the Government to step up and put plans in place for meaningful and effective change, be more transparent on plans to reorganise the system, and offer our hardworking NHS and social care staff the pay rise they deserve.”