Karin Smyth MP Money Matters event returns to Bristol South to support people through the cost of living crisis

Karin Smyth, MP for Bristol South, is bringing her Money Matters event back to the constituency to support local people with the cost of living crisis.

The Money Matters event takes place this Friday, 15 July, from 1:30-3:30pm at St. Augustine’s Church.  This is a drop-in advice event, with no booking required and free entry, where you will be able to get up to date on all the latest financial support available to you, as well as energy efficiency tips and more.

Experts from local groups will be on hand to chat to constituents about any questions they may have.  Attendees this year include:

Fraud can be a big concern for people, and as family budgets are stretched it’s important to be vigilant to scammers who may be trying to take advantage of this.  Fraudsters can be difficult to identify, so information will be available on the day to help you spot the signs of a scam. 


Karin Smyth, MP for Bristol South, said: 

“I’m pleased to be bringing my Money Matters event back to the constituency this Friday.  I know the cost of living crisis is causing lots of concern and I want to ensure I’m doing all I can to support my constituents through this difficult time.

“We’ve got some really fantastic local groups attending this year who are experts in how you can make the most of the support that is available, helping local people claim what they are entitled to and identify where they could be saving money.

“There are some benefits which can be a big help for family finances, but which many people are not aware they can claim.  For example, many working parents can get 20% off their childcare costs through a government scheme called tax-free childcare, but only about one in five eligible families are making use of the scheme. More information on this and other similar schemes will be available on the day.

“My Money Matters event is a relaxed space for people to drop-in, have a chat with our local experts over a cuppa and ask any money-related questions. It’s really important that people are equipped with all the up to date information surrounding support schemes and benefits, and this event is the perfect place to do that.”