Pigeon Column :: February 2023

My annual Jobs and Apprenticeship Fair, in partnership with City of Bristol College, the DWP and Bristol City Council, takes place this month and is a great opportunity for everyone in south Bristol to pop along to see what openings are currently available. On Thursday 23 February 2023, between 11am and 2.30pm, pop down to the South Bristol Skills Academy, City of Bristol College, BS14 0DB and see speak to employers and educators in our region.

There will be lots of employers available for you to talk to including: the NHS, Lidl, Yunex Traffic, Silvacare and Lancer Scott Ltd to name but a few!

The cost of living continues to bite and I know many residents are worried about making ends meet. Having a well-paid, secure job has become particularly important and one of the ways in which I am supporting my constituents is through my Jobs and Apprenticeships Fair.

As many of you know, I’m a huge fan of apprenticeships. They are a really valuable way of learning new skills and gaining experience in your chosen career whilst also being paid for your work. Not only do they help you in broadening career options and building knowledge, they also help businesses develop a workforce with the skills needed for the future.

The other great aspect of apprenticeships is they are suitable for adults of any age and stage of career, with options across a wide range of sectors, so I’d encourage anyone who is looking to change careers, upskill in their current role or who are entering the first stages of their career to come along to the South Bristol Skills Academy to find out more about the different courses and jobs available in the local area.

Later that evening I’ll be joining a panel discussion at the Apprenticeship Roadshow. This starts at 5.45pm and is aimed at parents/carers who are not available during the standard working day. This event is organised by WTPN at the Bristol Skills Academy. This roadshow is part of a wider series of events which starts on the 6th February. If you can’t make my Jobs and Apprenticeships Fair check out www.wtpn.org.uk/apprenticeship-roadshow-for-parents to see if any of their events take your fancy.

Both of these events are free, but the evening event does require prior booking.

So, if you are free on Thursday 23 February make sure you visit us at the South Bristol Skills Academy and find out more on how an apprenticeship can help you get ahead.