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  • Karin Smyth MP votes against EU Withdrawal Bill for failing to ensure Parliament has control of our laws, protects rights at work, the economy and the environment
                I campaigned and voted to remain in the European Union. The majority of voters in my constituency and in Bristol as a city did not want to leave the EU either (I regularly receive letters from constituents on both sides of this debate about this). But the overall referendum result was in favour of Brexit. I respect that result and have been working towards ensuring the best deal for the UK. The journey […]
  • Karin Smyth MP on the importance of the new arena development remaining in Bristol South.
    Karin has responded to the announcement that Bristol City Council is considering moving the planned Arena away from Bristol South. She said:   “For many years, we’ve been looking forward to welcoming a new arena to Bristol South and the potential it brings with it for jobs and apprenticeships, investment and the local economy.  An arena for Bristol has been a long time coming with plans for developments at Ashton Gate and Temple […]
  • Karin Smyth MP gives a speech in the NHS Winter Crisis debate on health inequalities and a lack of accountability across the NHS.
    In her speech in the NHS Winter Crisis debate in the House of Commons yesterday, Karin highlighted the need for South Bristol Community Hospital to be given more support in order to tackle major health inequalities in the area. She also described how the Government’s NHS transformation plans have created confusion for NHS workers and patients alike. Karin argued there needs to be more accountability and greater financial transparency […]
  • Karin writes about the need for the NHS to be more accountable to local people.
    Karin Smyth MP has just published an article for the Health Service Journal about the need for the NHS to be more accountable to local people following the Government’s disastrous Health & Social Care Act. You can read it here… The Kings Fund’s Chris Ham recently wrote about tighter working at the top of the NHS, reducing the number of commissioning bodies and much closer working between the NHS and local authorities. He argues […]
  • Karin Smyth responds to news that Bristol South remains bottom of the table when it comes to university attendance among 18-year-olds
    The latest UCAS figures reveal that Bristol South still has the lowest percentage of 18-year-olds going on to higher education out of every area of England, in what MP Karin Smyth calls ‘very disappointing’. The 2017 End of Cycle report shows that just 16% of 18-year-olds in Bristol South are entering higher education – the average for the UK as a whole is almost 42%. Full figures available here: UCAS Report Karin says: “It is very disappointing […]
  • Karin Smyth, MP talking in the House of Commons on the Autumn 2017 budget
    I spoke in the House of Commons yesterday in response to the Chancellor’s Autumn Budget. I emphasised my dismay at the Government’s lack of any meaningful financial support for Bristol South to help us tackle the crisis facing our public services – from health and social care, training opportunities for young people to help them get decent jobs, and affordable homes. […]
  • Bristol South MP Karin Smyth responds to 2017 Autumn Budget
    Chancellor of the Exchequer Phillip Hammond today (Nov 22) revealed his Autumn Budget 2017. He spoke of a ‘costed and inclusive’ budget with talk of building homes and ‘helping families to cope with the cost of living’ before announcing investment priorities which included funding for research and development for driverless cars. Bristol South MP Karin Smyth says the budget does little to help the thousands of Bristol South residents in low-paid […]