I want people in south Bristol to have secure jobs with fair pay, decent homes and fair rents, and an NHS which gives the best care to everyone, regardless of their background. That is why Labour has pledged to increase the minimum wage, tackle zero-hours contracts, build more homes and invest in more doctors & nurses.

South Bristol deserves a better future. Vote Labour on the 7th May. Together we can make it happen.



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A Fairer Economy – Prosperity for the many, not the few.

Britain will never succeed if we follow the Tory plan of a low wage, low skill economy – a race to the bottom in which ordinary, working people are always the losers. This approach will not secure more and better … Continue reading

Building the homes we need

Ed Bramall, manager for a local Housing Association, writes: In 2010 the biggest single cut imposed by the current Government was on money for new housing. It is no surprise that Bristol’s housing problem has exploded into a crisis with … Continue reading

1 January

Nice to meet @KelvinBlake uncle whilst canvassing @BristolSouthLab @cdj368 @LovellJeff this morning, voting Labour

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